A Wild Journey Through South Indian Movies


A Wild Journey Through South Indian Movies

Today, media has reached in every part of the world, so no culture can cut off itself from the other parts of the world. It has given us great awareness about every culture of the world through movies. Almost everyone in our society is inspired or affected by the media somehow. In other words, we can also say that movies also represent our social behaviour, cultural norms, the food we eat and way of thinking and even our approach towards different fields of life.

Indian Movies, especially South Indian Movies have great contribution in introducing subcontinent’s culture to the world at a large scale. South Indian movies are basically categorized into five types in the film industry of India: Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Tulu, and Kannada. Basically, all these movies are based in Hyderabad, Mangalore, Chennai, Kochi, and Trivandrum and Mumbai.


History of South Indian movies

The first south Hindi movie came into existence by Madras production and the producer of this movie was keechaka vadham and the director was R. Nataraja. The film gone popular in the 1920s, are Bhagavatar, Ragupathi, nandanar, moksha and so on.

Why south Indian movies are underrated in India

In India, south Indian movies usually have been considered of having no great importance for a long time, especially for the people of north India. The main reason is that they are not translated well. The language usually used in the south Indian Hindi dubbed movies forced people to laugh. You can only realize or even feel the beauty of these films whenever you get the chance to watch an original movie which is not dubbed. The real love has been shown in these movies for example “Grisham”, “Anand” and “first love”.


The most interesting thing of the south Indian movies which hits your heart is the way by which love is showcased ie very delicate or attractive. The other thing which inspired most of the movies lover’ heart is that they related to our daily lives and pursuits. You can find the chance to watch the originality of daily life in these south Hindi dubbed movies.

You will be surprised when you listen that all the Hindi movies are mostly inspired or copied from the south Indian movies like wanted, Hera Pheeri, Kick, Biwi no 1 and so. These movies are also considered all the time favourite, but people laugh at south Indian Hindi dubbed movies. It is considered that some of the South Hindi Movies have some sort of weird stories, but it is quite unfair to judge the whole film industry with only these movies. It is quite impossible for the Bollywood to even compete with some south Indian movies like “The Ghazi attack” which is the best selling movie in India and hit for all the time.


The over-cockiness is another reason due to which Bollywood Indian Movies are famous in India. The producers put a lot of budget on newly launched movies’ promotion, actors, music, and on its setting, that’s why any insane mind got easily attracted to these movies. In south Indian movies, they focus mainly on the structure, narrative, and good story while keeping in budget. They usually avoid taking close- up of their heroes which is the most favorite task of the Hindi movies maker.


Why Some Indians Consider South Indian Movies Better Than Bollywood

Some people in India usually think that there must be a lesson in the South Indian Hindi Movies just like the Bollywood. Nowadays, most of the people in India have started thinking that the only purpose of Bollywood industry is to make money, but the South Hindi Movies emphasize on the moralities, ethics, social values and highlighting bad things in the society which must be demolished from the Indian culture.

Some people think that mostly Telugu and Kannada movies are exceptional which mostly emphasize on an extraordinary good or bad things in the society. Mostly Malayalam movies are based on originality and the exceptional acting of the actors. Tamil movies are still in the opinion of people nowadays.


While all the Bollywood movies look redundant as a story is almost same in most of the movies, the plot seems to be predictable and there is a lot of crowd in these movies. They usually put so many actors in a movie which confused the whole story and main conclusion, it is pathetic. Maturity has not seen in these movies nowadays because the entire story is based on killing the bad boy or villain and to bang the heroine in every seen. So, it is important for Bollywood to emphasize on the good stories, the whole plot of the film and the acting of the stars.

List of South Indian Hindi Dubbed Movies

There are some South Indian Hindi Dubbed Movies which have become very popular in India and are liked by the people. “Bsshubali” is the most famous South Indian Movie of 2017 which has a juxtaposed story with past events. The other movie which is liked by the majority is “Nenokkadine” in which hero take the revenge of his parents ‘death and for this, he has to overcome his psychological inhibitions. It was released in 2014. The most stunning south Indian Hindi Dubbed Movie of 2016 is “24” whose story is related to a time machine and this time machine becomes the source of serious war between his evil twin brother and son. “Vishwwaroopam” is another famous South Indian Movie which attracts the people of India. In this movie, the whole story revolves around the “kathak” New York-based dancer. “Baahubali: The Beginning” which is an adventurous movie became the source of attraction for the people in 2015. So, these are the top five latest famous movies in the history of South Indian Movies cinema.

Now, there is growing number of people who have like these movies and are highly popular among massive as broadcasters began to telecast on the prime time slots and weekends. The reason for the popularity is basically the originality and lesson in these movies.


Best YouTube channels for south Indian Hindi dubbed movies

If you are interested in watching South Indian Movies, then Goldmines, T-Series and Telefilms are one of the best YouTube channels which have the huge collection of movies and music and are considered one-stop destination if you want to watch Indian Movies or South Indian Movies Dubbed in Hindi.

Premium Digiplex is another YouTube channel which has the wide collection of South Indian Movies and South Indian Hindi Dubbed Movies on Youtube channel.

So, you can watch any of these movies according to your taste and preference, even you can subscribe and get the alerts for latest movies on these channels.


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